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Istria on your plate

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Istrian cuisine offers delectable and unforgettable dining experience due to the glorious Mediterranean climate and exceptionally fertile local soil. Simple ingredients, flavors, and herbs all combine to create gourmet meals that are sure to delight.

No matter what time of the year you visit Istria, you can enjoy dishes prepared from local and seasonal ingredients. For every season, Istrians have their favorite dish. In summer that is fish, when autumn comes round it is risotto with pumpkins, during winter it is Istrian sausages with sour cabbage, and in spring it is scrambled eggs with wild asparagus.

Our restaurant

Experience the best of culinary culture right here at the Ribarska Koliba Restaurant and enjoy the rich, aromatic flavors of carefully prepared seasonal Mediterranean dishes.

As seaside-dining restaurant, we are specialized in fish dishes. We have a menu that is replete with mouth-watering seafood meals, including our fresh catch of the day option. All the food and ingredients are always incredibly fresh to ensure you experience the full range of Mediterranean flavor notes.

Our chef

Born and raised in Italy, our chef fell in love with his nation’s cuisine and learned to cook at the tender age of eight. As an adult he travelled around the world, developing his culinary skills in countries such as China, Singapore, and Colombia. During this time, he worked in Michelin Guide kitchens, appeared on the TV show Master Chef, and cooked for Hollywood stars and presidents. Now, at Ribarska Koliba, he creates exceptional dishes that bring together the very best of Italian and Istrian gastronomy.

Restaurant with 100 years history
Restaurant with 100 years history Ribarska Koliba

Restaurant with 100 years history

3 locations in Pula, 2 swimming pools, hotel rooms & suites, family villas

Ribarska Koliba Resort | Pula | 3 reasons to stay with us - 1

Gourmet cuisine restaurant, seafront location, recognized international chef

Ribarska Koliba Resort | Pula | 3 reasons to stay with us - 2

Picturesque place & best choice for weddings/events venue

Ribarska Koliba Resort | Pula | 3 reasons to stay with us - 3