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Address:  Ribarska Koliba Resort and Restaurant, Verudela 3, 52100 Pula, Croatia

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The city of Pula has very good transport accessibility (close proximity to the main cities of Europe - like Trieste, Venice, Rijeka, Zagreb, Ljubljana).Also Pula's airport accepts private flights and has a constant connection with more than 1000 airports in Europe and around the world - please note that during the season there are many low-cost flights from the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and Turkey.


How To come


  • In summer that's not a big deal. Pula is connected with many bigger European cities..
  • In winter and off-season the flights to Pula are not that frequent, but you can always use a meta-search for flights and land on nearest airport. 


The whole Istria, including the heartland, is very well connected by road. The main highway, so called Istrian Y, takes you to biggest Istrian cities. On your way to Pula you can take a rest at many rest areas with restaurants and cafés.


You can easily come to Pula by bus as bus lines are pretty frequent. Depending on the bus' travel agency, you can travel by highway or through the villages while soaking up the nature of Istria.


The train might be a solution, but remember that it can get you to Trieste and from there you would need to transfer to another train line or catch a bus or rent a car. Also, trains are not representing quite fast transport to destination.


If you dare, cycle from Trieste to Pula! We are looking for such people to be our brand ambassador. We support all fans of cycling!

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Restaurant with 100 years history
Restaurant with 100 years history Ribarska Koliba

Restaurant with 100 years history

3 locations in Pula, 2 swimming pools, hotel rooms & suites, family villas

Ribarska Koliba Resort | Pula | 3 reasons to stay with us - 1

Gourmet cuisine restaurant, seafront location, recognized international chef

Ribarska Koliba Resort | Pula | 3 reasons to stay with us - 2

Picturesque place & best choice for weddings/events venue

Ribarska Koliba Resort | Pula | 3 reasons to stay with us - 3