Forum, central square of ancient and medieval Pula

Pula's main square, today, as well as always, is a central place of all the main gatherings and civil functions.

It is situated in the west part of the city, on a wide flat space, between the harbor and the hill slopes. The Forum adapted its appearance during the rule of Emperor Augustus. Two main streets lead to the square that was once surrounded by a patio from three different sides. The first temple, dedicated to the Roman Capitoline Triad, Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva, was built in the 1st century BC. The square was considered sacred and forbidden because, at the very beginning of the city formation, it was designated as the place of gatherings, communications, as well as an organized trading place.

Two more temples were built on the Forum: one dedicated to the goddess Diana, with the Temple of Augustus following soon after.

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This triad of temples was certainly preserved until the strengthening of the feudal system in the late 8th century, with few changes in the basic purpose of the compound. Later on, unnecessary buildings were being demolished, and the material was used for building other facilities. First substantial change in the appearance happened in the 13th century, when rich aristocratic families in Pula, led by Castropola Family, had built a gothic palace. That resulted in tearing down a considerable part of the Temple of Diana, apart from its rear and west facades.

The temple of Augustus, remains of Dianas Temple, Capitolium, and Basilica, merged into a medieval palace, became the most significant architectonic assembly of historical core in Pula, and the only one that is preserved in Croatia, rare in the whole Europe.

The special significance and value of the Forum was accomplished by the continuous development of all the most important functions, that lasted more than two millennia, and continues on.

Its appearance today is different in many ways, and now only the temple of Augustus stands proudly as a reminder of the ancient past.

After the tour of fascinanting ancient monuments in Pula, take a break on this picturesque old square. Enjoy the view and numerous summer musical and theatrical performances. Eberything you want to know, you can find out at our reception. Ribarska Koliba and her staff have all the knowledge in local travel and culture.

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