Austrian arhitecture in Pula

Austrian architecture in Pula was deeply influenced by the political position of Pula in the Austro- Hungarian Monarchy. Pula was also one of the biggest and most important harbors and naval centers during their rule. After the Arsenal opening back in 1856, other buildings, such as the Military Hospital, the Navy Cemetery, and the Marine Casino, were built. A lot of residential buildings were constructed for marines, as well as villas for officers. You can still see some of them if you go for a walk in two of the Pula's central districts, Veruda and Stoja.

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One of Austrian architecture's best examples is the Pula Market, a building counstructed with iron and glass, which marks the construction revolution in Pula and Istria. Pula Market building is still one of the main centers of town life in Pula, more than 100 years after it was built. Nowadays, it is still the locals' favorite place to buy fresh fish, local vegetables and fruits, as well as meet , greet, and gossip while sipping coffee in one of many coffee shops in this part of town.

Another excellent example of Austrian architecture is the Marine Casino, known as Home of Croatian Veterans. Building's recent appearance is the work of a Viennese architect Ludwig Baumann. On 15,000 square meters, you can find a beautiful garden, a magnficent terrace where famous world and croatian singers and performers had their concerts, and the building on three floors. During the last 100 years, the Casino had a lot of different rulers and using . Today, weddings and lots of local events are organized there, the most famous one being Sa(n)jam knjige u Istri, the largest book fair in the region.

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