Erleben Sie Pula und Istrien

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If you are more of an active traveler, Istria is even more perfect for you. With numerous biking and walking routes, designated as a combination of beautiful nature, historical sightseeings and wild trails all in one, connecting the north and south of the peninsula, it is the perfect combination of mixing active sports lifestyle with discovering new horizons. If you are an adrenaline lover, you can rent a quad or a kayak, and embrace on a journey of discovering hidden beaches and coves, cliff jumping places and picture-perfect spots.


Least but not last, A history dating all the way back to prehistoric time is what makes this region additionally interesting. You can hardly find a city in which you are no able to find remains dating to prehistoric, ancient, or medieval times. In Pula, numerous monuments, mausoleums, temples, churches can be found on almost every corner. With one standing above them all, The famous Arena Amphiteatre, today preserved even better than the one in Rome, Pula is undoubtedly city with grand historical and cultural heritage.