Historische Sehenswürdigkeiten

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Arena Amphiteatre

Peak of every sightseeing of Pula is its biggest and most famous monument, Amphitheater. Once home to glorious gladiator fights, today represents the masterpiece of the Roman architecture in the whole region of Istria, and one of the most preserved one in the whole world.

Temple of Augustus

Learn some of the ancient history by visiting this small temple, have a walk through this lovely monument and enjoy in numerous ancient sculptures that are still standing as a reminder of ancient past

Triumphal Arch of Sergei

One of the several ancient monuments in Pula that still manages to endure the test of time.

Forum Romanum

Pula's main square, today, as well as always, is a central place of all the main gatherings and civil functions.

Small Roman Theatre

Small Roman Theatre dates all the way back to the 1st century AD. With its captivating arhitecture , this small theatre will make you feel like a part of another time.


Whole new world of underground tunnel network which runs beneath the whole old city of Pula.

Chapel of St. Maria Formosa

This small chapel belonged to the early-christian Basilica of St. Maria Formosa that was once part of the benedictine abbey, built in the second half of the 6st century, thanks to the Archbishop Maksimilian of Ravenna.

Gate of Hercules

Go through the gates that once were a trademark of the city and discover the oldest monument hat was discovered in Pula.

The Twin Gates and City Walls

Pula, as an ancient city, was surrounded by walls which were built in 1st century BC. The city was entered through 12 gates of which 3 have been preserved.

Octagonal mausoleum

Tomb structure from the 1st century AD