Triumphal Arch of Sergei

Triumphal Arch of Sergei, one of the several ancient monuments in Pula that still manages to endure the test of time.

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Widely famous as „Golden gate“, this Arch is an outstanding achievement of late Hellenistic Roman architecture built in Corinthian style, whose arch reaches a height of eight meters, and dates back to the end of the 1st century BC, between 29 and 27 BC. The name Porta Aurea, the Golden Gate, is given because of the lush decorative arch that was once leaning on the city walls. It was lifted by Salvia Postuma Sergei in the late memory of three members of the Sergei Family. This information is known because the inscriptions on the arch are saved to this day. Central inscription on the arch is referring to Lucius Sergi Lepid, presumably her son. The inscription on the left is dedicated to Lucius' father, Silvia's husband, while the third inscription on the right is engraved in the honor of Gnaeus Sergi.

The triumphal arch was constructed after the death of above-mentioned patricians as a material witness that commemorates their life and death. It is lavishly decorated with sculptural reliefs, fulfilled with all the elements of profound art of architecture that belonged to those times. Its western facade overlooking the city is decorated more beautifully and richer than the eastern, which in the past leaned against the city gates and was therefor almost invisible. Countless artists, architects, and travel writers documented this piece of history in their own legacy, by word or painting, such as Michelangelo Bonnariti, Andrea Palladia, Jacob Spon, James Stuart and many others. The city gate and walls were destroyed in the 19th century due to the expansion of the city walls and urbanization. Today it has a central place on the famous Portarata Square, where numerous cultural events – musical or theatrical, and concerts are held. With its unique architectural execution, it enchants the eye of witnesses.

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