Meet Carmine Esposito

Our chef was born and raised in Trieste, a beautiful Italian town on the Adriatic coast. It was here that he first discovered his love of gastronomy, when as an 8-year-old his father began teaching him how to make traditional italian pizzas.

As an adult he travelled around the world, affording him the chance to bring his nation’s fine cuisine to people in many different countries. His passion for martial arts drew him first to China, where he soon became the head chef at Adria, an Italian restaurant in Beijing.

His career later took him to Singapore, where he first worked at the Basilico (Four Seasons) resort and then the Sheraton Towers at the DOMVS restaurant. From here he travelled to Hong Kong, gaining experience at the famous Michelin Guide Cucina restaurant and then the Marco Polo Hotel. It was whilst living in Hong Kong that he decided he would one day open his own Michelin restaurant, so that he could fully express himself as a chef.

Not finished with his travels, he soon ventured to Colombia to work as the corporate chef for the Movich hotel company. While in South America he appeared as a special guest on the TV show Master Chef, and cooked for Hollywood stars and presidents at the Four Seasons Hotel.

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Our chef’s philosophy is that quality food doesn’t just taste good; it sparks intense emotions and evokes beautiful memories. Creating food of this calibre requires more than just the finest ingredients. Although quality ingredients are vital, it also needs a chef who loves his craft and cooks with passion.

His entire career, our chef has worked hard to keep abreast of the cutting-edge developments in his field, incorporating state-of-the-art techniques and the latest equipment and tools in his cooking. It has always been important to him to share his accumulated knowledge with those who would benefit from it, so he regularly updates his Instagram profile and food blog with new meals and practices.

His deep love of cooking extends to the presentation of his meals, an area he takes a lot of pride in. He firmly believes that each meal should look aesthetically pleasing. After all, the first bite is with the eye. Accordingly, he has become skilled at artistically arranging his gastronomic creations.

Our chef has fond memories of Pula where he would spend time as a child. It was then that he first noticed the many similarities between Istrian and Italian cuisine and developed a deep affection for the numerous unique meals that the region has to offer. At the same time, his pride in his Italian heritage and his passion for his nation’s gastronomy has never faded. Now, at Ribarska Koliba, he is revelling in the opportunity to revive his childhood memories and create wonderful food drawing from both the Italian and Istrian traditions.

“It’s a dream come true to continue my culinary adventure at the historical Ribarska Koliba restaurant, where I have the chance to create new concepts and achieve my highest culinary goals.” – Carmine Esposito

Restaurant with 100 years history
Restaurant with 100 years history Ribarska Koliba

Restaurant with 100 years history

3 locations in Pula, 2 swimming pools, hotel rooms & suites, family villas

Ribarska Koliba Resort | Pula | 3 reasons to stay with us - 1

Gourmet cuisine restaurant, seafront location, recognized international chef

Ribarska Koliba Resort | Pula | 3 reasons to stay with us - 2

Picturesque place & best choice for weddings/events venue

Ribarska Koliba Resort | Pula | 3 reasons to stay with us - 3